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Smart Helmet a Polish
innovative fire helmet

Smart Helmet a Polish innovative fire helmet setting a new quality standard in the service of the firefighters. Direct video communication with the commanding center is a real chance to increase security and to significantly improve the efficiency of saving the people and their property.

The Smart Helmet firefighter helmet has a set of high-quality cameras: thermal imaging and 4K video, integrated with the helmet shell. Direct transmission of data recorded during the operation by the Smart Helmet to the commanding center makes it possible for commanders to observe the accident scene and manage the course of rescue operations. It also alllowes sharing the broadcast with experts specialized in fighting specific threats not present directly at the scene of the incident. In case of unusual events or disasters, the possibility of live transmission of the image from the rescue operation to the crisis management staff will facilitate making instant decisions without the need of physical presence at the event site.

The location of the thermal imaging camera display in the immediate vicinity of the firefighter’s eyes and its full integration with the helmet shell gives the possibility of almost perfect mapping of the field of operation in the visor without limiting the field of view. The thermal imaging camera is no longer an additional piece of equipment that requires manual activation, control and maneuvering during searches in smoky areas. Firefighter’s hands can be used to freely conduct activities and operate devices that require two-handed strength and efficiency.

The transmission of images from both cameras to the commanding center increases combat capabilities due to the commander’s monitoring of the action field and more effective response to live threats. A firefighter directly involved in rescue and firefighting operations primarily focuses on their quick and efficient performance. The ability to assess the situation and observe the field of action by people who are not directly involved in it will allow to improve its course, and thus minimize the risk and reduce losses.

The Smart Helmet definitely stands out from the competition with its compact design, refinement of construction details, full integration of two cameras in one helmet – a thermal imaging camera and a 4K video camera, with the most accurate reproduction of details and the eye view field, and enabling image transmission from both cameras and recording the course of the action on the dedicated cloud server.

Smart Helmet is a modern, ergonomic and safe firefighter’s helmet equipped with the latest technological tools that increase the safety of firefighters and add another advantage in the fight between the human and the fire.

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